Sunday, November 27, 2016

Breaking with Tradition--The December Meeting

For 39 years and 11 months The Occupants of the Empty House have met the first Friday of the month--where holidays allow--at 7:30 PM. We have held 479 meetings without missing one single month. For this, our 480th meeting we are breaking with tradition. The meeting will still be held the first Friday, and we will still meet at Alongi's Restaurant, but we will be having a 3 Hour Lunch.

Some wonder why so sudden a change? To be honest, we finally looked around the meeting and came face to face with reality. After forty years, it is becoming increasingly difficult to drive home late at night. Between 12:30PM and the end of the meeting, even though it may last 3 hours, when we walk outside it is still day light. True, this will eliminate anyone who is not retired, or young people in school, and any number of people who may wish to come who cannot come in the day time.

We also noted that reading and writing has become a bane to young people, and reading and writing is what we do. If you must file us with the dinosaurs--relics that have outlived their time--imagine that if the dinosaurs traveled by day they might have avoided the tar pits. Therefore, so that we can stave off extinction, we have decided to make this change. Did we vote on it. Assuredly not. We never vote. But all in attendance nodded their approval. The vote will come 2nd December 2016. The percentage of attendees will be the deciding factor. It is logical.

Keeping the Holmes fire burning,

     William R. Cochran
The Master of the Empty House

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